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Let's Have A Tree Party!

RRP $31.99

Do-boppa, do-boppa, do-boppa-do!

Join the romp as a bevy of forest creatures, both diurnal and nocturnal, inspire a very active celebration. What could be better than friends together at a party in a tree? All the forest creatures will be there: the squirrel, raccoons, frogs, birds, mice and more. Even the slimy slugs are sure to slither in for the food, games, music and dancing. And don't forget Baby Bear...that little clown will be there for sure.

John Manders revs up the action with bold illustrations, while David Martin sneaks in some counting and movement prompts in a rollicking, boisterous tale that will have children eager to jump up and join the party. This is a raucous romp through a party in a tree - from the animal guests' arriving, eating, playing music and dancing to the inevitable winding down. And then it all starts up again! A clever counting activity is deftly woven into the story.

This is great choice to get kids moving and to help encourage exercise. This book is jacketed.

About the Author

David Martin is the author of We've All Got Bellybuttons!, illustrated by Randy Cecil, and All for Pie and Pie for All, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev, among other books for children. A retired English teacher, he lives in Vermont, USA. John Manders is an author, artist and songwriter. His madcap, painterly illustrations are well known in the USA, and he has illustrated many books for children, including Minnie's Diner, Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies and The Perfect Nest. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA, with his African grey parrot, which can converse in several languages.

Posey Plans A Party

RRP $11.99

Think Pink! Think Party! Think Posey!

Posey Plans a Party has a lot of "p-word" alliteration and asks kids to count how many "p" words are in the story.

The plot portrays Posey and her family planning, assembling, and enjoying a tea party. It's a perfectly pink primer on party planning--the menu, preparations, decorations, the invitation, dress code, entertainment, activities, etc.

Armond Goes To A Party

RRP $19.99

Armond doesn’t want to go to Felicia’s birthday party. Parties are noisy, disorganized, and smelly—all things that are hard for a kid with Asperger’s. Worst of all is socializing with other kids. But with the support of Felicia and her mom, good friends who know how to help him, he not only gets through the party, but also has fun. When his mom picks him up, Armond admits the party was not easy, but he feels good that he faced the challenge—and that he’s a good friend. A great book for anyone to learn about coping with autism or Asperger’s.

Alphakids Plus Level 11

RRP $7.99

Curious George Pinata Party

RRP $7.99

At a birthday party, Curious George discovers how hard it is to hit a pinata without being able to see. He sets out on a trek around the city with the help of Charkie, the dog, to explore using his other senses. When he returns to the party, George applies his heightened senses to make a direct hit at the pinata
Activities include fun suggestions for exploring your senses and a five senses quiz.


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Kids Party Balloon Kids Party Show Bags
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